Alma Mahler (1879-1964).

Five Songs for voice & piano (published in January 1911):

  1. Die stille Stadt. (The Quiet Town; Richard Dehmel).
  2. In meines Vaters Garten. (In My Father's Garden; Hartleben) Note: The original poem is entitled "Französisches Wiegenlied"', and was composed between May and August 1899.
  3. Laue Sommernacht. (Mild Summer's Night; Bierbaum). Note: The original title of the poem is Gefunden.
  4. Bei dir ist es traut. (With You It Is Pleasant; Rilke).
  5. Ich wandle unter Blumen. (I Stroll Among Flowers; Heine).

Four Songs for voice and piano (published in June 1915):

  1. Licht in der Nacht. (Light in the Night; Bierbaum).
  2. Waldseligkeit. (Woodland Bliss; Dehmel).
  3. Ansturm. (Storm; Dehmel).
  4. Erntelied. (Harvest Song; Falke). Note: The poem's title is wrong; the correct title is "Gesang am Morgen" (Song at Dawn).

Five Songs for voice and piano (published in April 1924):

  1. Hymne. (Hymn; Novalis).
  2. Ekstase. (Ecstasy; Bierbaum)
  3. Der Erkennende. (The Recognizer; Werfel).
  4. Lobgesang. (Song of Praise; Dehmel).
  5. Hymne an die Nacht. (Hymn to the Night; Novalis).


Note: Nos. 1, 3 and 4 were orchestrated by Paul v. Klenau and/or Alban Berg in 1924 and were premiered in Vienna on 22 September 1924 by tenor Laurenz Hofer and conductor Leopold Reichwein. The songs were performed again at a broadcast in the Vienna Radio on 17 February 1929 by tenor Anton Maria Topitz and conductor Rudolf Nilius. On this occasion an interview with Alma Mahler was broadcast. Scores and parts are presumably lost.

Alma Mahler works posthumously (published 2000):

  1. Leise weht ein erstes Blühn. (Softly Drifts a First Blossom; Rilke), for voice and piano.
  2. Kennst du meine Nächte? (Do You Know My Nights?; Leo Greiner), for voice and piano.

More on the compositions by Alma Mahler in the year 1920 on her page Alma Mahler (1879-1964).

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