• 10 km west of Tulln.

Plankenberg castle was leased by Jakob Emil Schindler (1842-1892) in 1884 from Plankenberg (who lived in Lichtenstein). Jakob Emil Schindler (1842-1892) lived in Plankenberg with his family and Carl Julius Rudolf Moll (1861-1945) until his dead in 1892. West of Vienna. City of Plankenberg.

1887. Parklandschaft in Plankenberg by Jakob Emil Schindler (1842-1892) with Alma Mahler (1879-1964) and Margarethe (Grete) Julie Legler-Schindler (1881-1942).

Plankenberg by Carl Julius Rudolf Moll (1861-1945).

Plankenberg castle.

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