Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010).

Relation to Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): First granddaughter

  • Marriage : 00-00-0000
  • Husband: Mr. Germany (Died in 1963)
  • Children: 2:
  • Anna Fruhwirth-Germany (1960). Next generation. (now in Vienna, Austria)
  • Irene Flint-Germany (1961). Next generation. (now in Dorchester, United Kingdom)


  • Profession: X.
  • Died: 15-11-2010 Vienna. Aged 80.
  • Buried: 27-11-2010 Hietzing cemetery (5-8), Vienna, Austria.


  • Also: Zilina (Zsolnay).
  • A radio program concentrating on the life of Alma Zsolnay and her daughters Anna Fruewirth (1960) and Irene Flint (1961) in 2016: According to this program, the father of Anna and Irene (Mr. Germany) died when the girls were at a young age (3, respectively 4).
  • Anna was a highly gifted child and Alma was insecure in regards how to raise her.
  • Alma herself was very lonely during her childhood. She went to a wellknown Viennese psychiatrists, Dr. Walter Spiel (nowadays known to have been involved in terrible malaria 'treatments' for patients with psychiatric diseases). The doctor instructed her to set no bounderies on Anna. So everything was done as Anna said. If she wanted for example to go on vaccation but without her sister, Irene was left behind. Anna had the complete saying. This even lead to the building of a house on the Semmering when she was only 11 years old, completely designed by her. The house was not in use by the family for a long time and was up for sale at the time of the making of the radio program.
  • Anna soon become ill with a chronic disease (which one was not specified). Irene left the family when she was 15 and moved to a forster family in London. It became clear by the end of the programme that Anna is under custody as she said to the maker of the program that he shall contact her custodian in order that she gets a specific piano chair. So it is a sad and also in some respect crazy family history. Anna still lives in Vienna in the fourth district, whereas Irene lives in Dorchester. To tell from the programme, Irene seems to be very nice.
  • Alma was community president for a memorial of Gustav Mahler in the City of Jihlava

1933. Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010).

1933. Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010), Vienna. In the garden of Villa Aste (her grandmother Alma Mahler (1879-1964)'s house). See: Hohe Warte district.

1942. Anna Justine Mahler (Gucki) (1904-1988) and Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010). Mother and daughter.

1998. At re-opening 1860-1860 House Gustav Mahler Kaliste - House No. 9 (Birthplace).

2010. Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010)City of Jihlava.

2010. Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010)City of Jihlava.

2010. Grave Paul Zsolnay (1895-1961) and Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010)Hietzing cemetery (5-8), Vienna, Austia. Father and daughter.

2010. Grave Paul Zsolnay (1895-1961) and Alma Ottilie Leonore Germany-Zsolnay (1930-2010)Hietzing cemetery (5-8), Vienna, Austria. Father and daughter.

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